Sunday, 19 July 2020

July meeting on Monday 20th, 6:30-8:30pm @ LARC

Dear Friends,

​The lockdown ​finally ​​started​ easing up in the past couple of weeks in the UK.
​Many essential services that the government might have not considered so, are reopening.
​I was pleased to finally be able to receive acupuncture and have my bones cracked and realigned by an Osteopath. These are essential for me.​

Our monthly gathering is back to LARC on Monday 20th July, starting at 6:30pm as usual.
For those unwell/that might be experiencing symptoms or are simply virus-phobic I would recommend to stay at home, please.

It saddens me that the population is split in half and Brexit-like arguments are going on everyday, leaving some people in distress. 
Many people keep on talking about the virus with ​exaggerated fear, mostly influenced by the fear-loaded mainstream news, and incongruent governmental communications, ignoring, giving away​/​for granted th​at we have ​innate healing powers and capacity. 

Once again it is obvious that we cannot trust our governments, or even institutions like the WHO (World Health Organisation​s) and UN (United Nation). What actual good are they doing for the whole? 

Oh, wait! Could it be that once again big pharma is influencing the water course?
Many of us have experienced first hand the damaging approaches of conventional psychiatry. Yet, similar negative experiences can be seen in oncology, treatment of diabetes and many other conditions.​ The conventional healthcare system is​ mostly corrupted and we can see this once again with the present highly infectious virus, ​being ​sold as a pandemic.

Th​e fear mentality that many got conditioned into​,​ from misleading media, politics and religions​,​​ is extremely powerful for those that gullibly ​believe and do as they are told, no matter what. Adding up an health and socio-economic vulnerability scare as the current one, we are in for collective trauma, while other generational traumas still have to be addressed and resolved.

Yet, how fortunate are we (most of us that are accessing and co-creating the 'information revolution', tuned into the 'real/true information. Listening to our instinct or learning to do so can be the key in filtering what type of information we want and need, and choosing your path of life. ​

Do you prefer ​being​ a victim of the program or a creator of your life?
To reach beyond your limits by training your mind​: ​

I have learnt (the hard way) that is by taking ​full care​ and responsibility​ of myself holistically (body, mind, emotions and spirit) that I can ​manage my challenges and difficulties better. I ask for help when needed, no doubt, and I am grateful, yet don't give away my sovereignty.​ 
When we keep on neglecting ourselves with poor lifestyle habits, bingeing on (junk) food, alcohol, drugs - ...fill the blank -​ or the intoxicating media streams, it won't be the doctor or a pill that will save us.​ We are sabotaging ourselves; who's going to stop that?​

Thankfully, looking properly, ​if not at arm length, we can find lots of free and valuable information online for any complaint or just to refresh our courage and zest for life. A large number of ethical medical professionals ​and citizens ​are ​challenging the pandemic and the limitations, and often lies, of conventional medicine​.​

​-​Clinicians, Researchers & Health Experts from Around the World Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic​ ​

​- ​CV19 ~ Facts Not Fear Leaflet Campaign​: 

-​New, Italian ​political movement that ​focuses on health and well-being ​

LUNGS seem to be the most vulnerable in contracting pathologies with covid.
It is inspiring that at least a million Britons stopped smoking these past few months 
Thank you covid for inspiring people to change! 

The lungs of the Planet also had a chance to detox, with less planes in the air, gifting us exceptionally nice weather.
There again, free Vit D from Mother Earth. Are you feeling the gratitude for the abundance in Life?

Here some natural tips for strengthening lungs health and general wellbeing or have a look at the many tips when you search for breathing techniques for covid 19 on youtube or your search engine

-How to Detox and Cleanse Your Lungs: 

-Techniques to aid recovery from a respiratory infection like COVID-19 
-Natural Cough and Lung Remedies:

-Master Mantak Chia: How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

-Practice forgive, forget and let go 
While people are being distracted by the covid propaganda, other hurting issues are being swept under the carpet such as the reality that slavery is a still very much present. An international global elite pedophile & human trafficking ring is being dismantled and god knows what this will provoke​, as a British Royal is also involved​. ​More arrests in the past month ​have liberated children and stopped perpetrators. 

​On another matter, s​ending heartfelt condolences to Michael Dickinson's family, friends and colleagues​, as he passed away recently​
An exceptional author, artist and activist, Michael created some very edgy and challenging artwork that can be viewed here

Please check:

A universal basic income can help us recover from COVID-19: the Government must act now

PetitionAbolish the Mental Health Act and legislate for new forms of support

F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies
Find us on the third Monday of each month 6.30 - 8.30 pm at
LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London  E1 1ES

In need of immediate HELP? 

Looking for advice? 

Thinking of coming off meds?

Anyone willing to come off psychiatric medication please always seek for reliable info and help before starting.
We are not suggesting pill-shaming, only raising awareness on the serious dangers of medications since some of us have been severely harmed by them.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Monday 15 June drop in @ LARC from 6:30pm

Dear Friends,

2020 is continuing to surprise every single one of us with some incredible life lessons and experiences. 
These past few months have been very intense and overwhelming for most of us and surely we are going to have more of these difficult and unpredictable days ahead.
Our thoughts are with the most vulnerable people and those working the hardest for the benefit of the highest good of every single individual in society.
Many thanks go also to fellow mental health campaigners and allies that are keeping working towards the necessary improvements in society and sharing knowledge via raising awareness. I have not been sharing any online events or other happening in the past few months as I have personally been disconnecting from most of the news et al, putting self care as my priority.

For people that have easy access to the internet and media I trust plenty of these resources that have been circulating.
However if anyone was or is still looking for any mental health related information, the list of links that cover a broad perspective of mental health care and action is temporarily available again on the right hand side of our page
Please, bear in mind that the list has not been updated now in a few years and many links are no longer active.

For East Londoners and those willing to travel, please join us at LARC for a relaxed catch up in de-isolation times tomorrow Monday 15 June, from 6:30pm.
With the easing up of the lockdown's restrictions, a better understanding of the virus and how to deal with it, us adults are equipped and in charge of our own decisions and actions.
For those unwell/that might be experiencing symptoms or are simply virus-phobic I would recommend to stay at home, please. Last month three of us gathered and it was beneficial to find that sense of "normal" connection.

Global changes and consciousness growth are the amazing opportunities in disguise behind these challenges. I doubt that any revolutionary times marked history without troubling all involved in a way or another. A better way to invest our energy while living this (and any) uncertain times is to have faith, compassion and patience. Getting consumed by intoxicating fear, anxiety and anger is not likely to take us far... Stay well, strong and take care of yourselves folks.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update + FEEL meeting tonight

Dear Friends,

A gentle reminder that our monthly meeting is happening tonight, Monday 16th March 6:30-8:30pm at LARC.

We are aware of the fear and panic that has been circulating since the beginning of the year, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.
By now the news must have reached everyone that has access to any media outlets. 
Many of us already live in isolation, of a different nature, due to poor health and/or disabilities, and that's why we prefer going ahead with our regular gathering today. 
With the several messages circulating, everyone will have different, if not opposing, views and we leave it up to each grown up individual to decide if leaving home is a risk or not.

General recommendations are to stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms, or feel/know you are at risk and prefer to protect yourself in isolation to prevent catching the virus. 

Identified symptoms of Covid-19 are high fever, dry cough, breathing difficulty, as lungs and airways are the first attacked; sore throat, runny nose, or gastrointestinal upset could also manifest. It's paramount staying at home and self-isolate if you have the above symptoms, as it will help you heal quicker and prevent the spreading of the virus onto others.
People are being asked to avoid seeking face to face medical help if symptoms are present, staying at home and call 111 if really feeling unwell. GPs and other professionals are also offering extra calls and video calls now, which is one great improvement.

What is being shared in the media is not very clear due to the overload and the so many different sources. We are being told that decisions are based on scientific evidence. Yet, this evidence seem to differ from country to country. Several countries have already entered a total lockdown, closing schools, offices and many other places, incrementing armed forces in the streets to "control" citizens movements, like in Italy (a bit too extreme perhaps? a bit like the return of the fascists during WW2?), while the UK seems to be approaching the case differently. This is not the first and surely won't be the last and things are literally changing by the day.

We also know that this is not the first pandemic and we are privileged at current times with all collective, shared knowledge and experience in order to evaluate what is best for each of us, thanks to previous experiences

The WHO - World Health Organisation - has declared the situation as a viral pandemic outbreak of a global scale. Many are questioning ‘how worried should we be’Does worrying, or panicking even help at all?
"Last time the WHO declared a pandemic was in 2009 for the H1N1 influenza outbreak. At the time, the decision was criticised by some countries which felt that it caused unnecessary panic. It also led to many nations wasting money on vaccines for a strain of flu that proved to be mild and relatively easy to contain."

​A positive news is that​ it seems that the virus is being successfully treated with high doses of intravenous vitamin C
​Possibly paying extra attention in eating a healthier diet and having plenty of foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, orange juice, papaya, red, green or yellow pepper, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes​, on top of following appropriate hygiene and behavioural routines can be the right medicine.
Our thoughts and prayers are obviously with those who are suffering as a result of the current state of affairs in the world and also with the elderly and those already housebound due to other severe health issues and disabilities and extra difficulties that might be experiencing

Please do consider checking on your vulnerable family members, neighbors and friends that might needs some help, such as getting some groceries or just meeting another human being as they regularly live in isolation. Thoughts are also with the homeless and those families and individuals that were already living in precarious conditions. 

Some ​valuable ​research in dealing holistically with the present and past virus of the Corona type (the present one is not the first one apparently) are shared here:

However there are ​also ​some arguments to consider about the striking association of this virus appearing in conjunction with large scale 5G activation in Wuhan, China, where it seems the virus started spreading since the end of 2019

Other perspective also here:

​If y​ou wish to find out more you can follow further regular local UK updates:

Facts on Coronavirus

Update in British Sign Language

Stay safe ​and calm ​everyone​ keep ​fears and anxiety​y at bay whenever possible, please.
Lets pray for this troubled time shall pass quickly.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

March Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our meetings each month bring us some lovely surprises in our spontaneous circle. ​In February we were very pleased to welcome back one of our ​fav pro-active aficionado​s​, after re-emerg​ing from a pause, telling us about ​a work-in-progress​ book writing. Another local ally, former founder of what became to be known as the Bipolar Explores about two decades ago (a support group in Tower Hamlets, not the current music group), joined us for the first time, offering a comparison of the services received then and now. Fellow survivor Nelcy C talked about her life experience and the newly shared material she made available recently online (video 1:; video 2: and updated website

One of the main topics we discussed at the meeting was about the forceful and traumatic approach that many of us have experienced ​while being involuntarily admitted to hospital and consequently got sectioned. This might have happened by being picked up on the streets ​by the police, ​if not assaulted and abducted from our own homes, under the "frame of care", maybe after having asked for help and been left on hold, waiting for the services to become available... 
For some people (general population) it might be difficult to figure out these experiences, and ​understand the depth of extra trauma, suffering, ​anger and frustration ​generated ​in ​such delicate situations. Admission periods themselves often turn up to be more traumatic rather than therapeutic for patients, specially as nursing staff are too busy completing endless paperwork, and/or already too tired from overstretched, short-staffed, shifts they cover for.

Recently Ombudsman disclosed that 1 in 5 mental health patients don’t feel safe in NHS care, according to a recent survey

Certainly some people might have also experienced caring and compassionate services/personnel, but why can't proper and gentle care be the norm in psychiatry?
The ambulance specialised in mental health emergencies launched a few years ago in Sweden, last year was replicated in the United States

In the main time a new report, by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, affirmed that "Involuntary psychiatric interventions based on 'medical necessity' or 'best interests' may well amount to torture."
In Norway forced drugging with antipsychotics is against the law now
What can coercive intervention do if not making things worse? 
Another article tells how Societies With Little Coercion Have Little Mental Illness

While some of us already know by experience about the damaging effects of aggressive and coercive interventions, some are just starting questioning these

New, holistic and expanded approaches on how to deal/treat trauma seem to be more readily available and are worth to get check out, like Embodiment; however these are concepts and services accessed nowhere near mainstream care.

International Women's Day today!
Let's all take the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the women's work in improving lives and society, the battles to overcome past and present struggles and the courage to go ahead in the process #InternationalWomensDay

We wish you can join us for the March FEEL meeting on Monday 16th, 6:30-8:30pm at LARC.


Women's History Month events

Sun 1 Mar 20 - Tue 31 Mar venues across London
Sun 1 Mar 20 - Tue 31 Mar venues across Tower Hamlets and East London


Friday, 6 March,19:00 – 23:30, The Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, London NW1 7AN


Abortion Rights - the struggle continues, by LARC film club
Sat, 7 March, 14:30 – 19:00pm, LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES


Open Day with Global Women's Strike and other organisations 
Sun 8 March, 12-5pm, Crossroads Women's Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, NW5 2DX London


International Women’s Day March on March 8, by Michelle Baharier


International Women's Day Event March 8, Leicester, LE1 5GG


LHVN Network Meeting: Speaker: Dorothy Gould "Experiences of abuse and hate crime"
Wednesday 11th March 2pm - 5pmMind in CamdenBarnes House 9-15 Camden Rd NW1 9LQ


Human Rights Watch Film Festival
London 12-20 March 2020 at Barbican, Curzon Soho, Regent Street Cinema


International Women's Day by
Friday 13 March 10:30-12:30pm, The Brady Centre, 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1 5HU
Join Women's Health & Family Services for a discussion on supporting survivors of abuse through pregnancy and childbirth.

F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies
FEEL meets the third Monday of each month 6.30 - 8.30 pm ​​LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London  E1 1ES

The Nave Presents: We Consume, The Exhibition
19-22 March 2020, Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey London SE1 3PL


The Colour of Health: How Housing and Ethnicity affect Health Outcomes
Wed, 1 April, 2-4pm, The Health Foundation, 8 Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8AP


ROFA conference 2020. Post-election - what now?
Wed 22 April, 10am – 4pm, Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS


Julian Assange extradition hearing will continue at Woolwich Court on Monday, May 18, 2020, HM Prison Belmarsh, London

#FREE Assange Protect right to freedom of expression Petition

Release Julian Assange, Petition



Friday 16 – Saturday 17 October 2020, Reykjavik, Iceland


The War on Disabled People - Book by Ellen Clifford


Free copy of Liberty's guide to the Human Rights Act


Consultation on how the DWP treat disabled people (closes at 11:45pm on 23 March 2020)


Survey: What do people with severe and enduring Mental Illness want from clinical pharmacy services?


Drop the Disorder! Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis


Anti-psychotic medication linked to adverse change in brain structure


The Museum of Neoliberalism (visit by appointment only)
16 Eltham Road, London, SE128TF, GBR

5 ways coronavirus could help humanity survive the ecological crisis


The lost decade: the hidden story of how austerity broke Britain


Write to your MP to get the Windrush Lessons Learned Review published
Protect Afro textured hair! Amend the UK Equality Act to include hair
Anyone willing to come off psychiatric medication please always seek for reliable help.
Some good resources can be found here:

Saturday, 15 February 2020

February Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Since 1st February Britain is officially out of the EU. Crippen mocks the "Boris Law" and his string of lies, while there are still lots of question marks to be answered about what will follow up. Inhumane rights seems to be approach most governments are focusing towards lately, not only the UK. 
Britons unhappy with the Brexit move are being offered the Stay European possibility, were they are hoping to lobby to maintain some rights for some 

In the main time the racist and discriminating Windrush scandal is continuing disrupting lives. At PMQs this week Corbyn suggested that if these black boys are being deported due to minor offences, perhaps a blonde, white one, referring to Boris and his offences, should be deported too?
More evidence of corruption is surfacing at least for the public to be aware. Do we know which are the good and bad guys?

Clarissa Pinkola Estés's words, keep on appearing from time to time, encouraging us all to keep up: "Do not lose heart. We were made for these times...".
Yet the bombarding of negative news can have a detrimental effect of our health and wellbeing too. Do remember to switch off from all these from time to time, without sense of shame or guilt. With St Valentine just passed, rather than thinking about the cheesiness of the commercial day that some make of it, do get reminded of the importance of self love and self care EVERYDAY. Please, be kind and gentle with yourself always as you set the standards for others to treat you in that same way. Catch here some love from Banksy!
Join us on Monday 17th Feb @ LARC, 6:30-8:30pm for our monthly FEEL meeting; we'll have a sad light box to bring more light into the present darkness.
Currently we are getting roughly 10 hrs of daylight in London, if and when lucky to see the sun for a small fraction of that time.
The sad lamp brings a little comfort to those that tend to be lethargic during the Winter months. 
Our printed Loonies Proverb poster has now been kindly sent by the Bethlem Gallery, after the closing of their Art & Protest exhibition.
Bringing it along for those that had no chance to visit Bethlem.


LGBTQ+ History Month 1 – 29 February Museum of London​ ​

PARAPRIDE LGBT History Month Takeover  Price: £13 - £15
Friday 21 February, Stratford Circus Arts Centre

The shocking ‘treatment’ to make lesbians straight


Talk for Health Taster
Thurs 20 Feb 4-6pm, Triton Café, Regents Place, 17 Triton St, London NW1 3ND


Improving Communication with People with Mental Health Issues
21 February 10am- 4:00pm, 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA


March for Assange, from Australia House, Aldwych, to Parliament Square
Saturday, February 22, at 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Feat. Roger Waters, Chrissie Hynde, MIA, Vivienne Westwood

About Julian Assange and Donate links 



Sharing Power: Sustaining the Roots of Peer Support in Statutory Services
Mon, 24 February 1-5pm, Kingsley Hall Community Centre, Powis Road, London E3 3HJ


Melancholy and Raving
Monday 24th February 8-10pm, the upstairs dysfunction room at The Ship, 68 Borough Road, SE1 1DX.
This month have sets from singer/songwriter Sam Castell-Ward, sit down comic Liz Bentley and open mic.



Shy Radicals, Awkwoods & Neurodivergent Revolution
Tuesday 25 February 6:30 – 8 PM, Goldsmiths Students' Union


Sat 29 Feb 2:55-5pm, Genesis Cinema 93-95 Mile End Road, E1 4UJ 


Devoted & Disgruntled, by Improbable and Deafinitely Theatre
March 6, 11am - 3:30pm, Boulevard Theatre, 6 Walker’s Court, Soho, London, W1F 0BT


WOW – Women of the World FESTIVAL
6-8 March, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX


LHVN Network Meeting: Speaker: Dorothy Gould "Experiences of abuse and hate crime"
Wednesday 11th March 2pm - 5pmMind in CamdenBarnes House 9-15 Camden Rd NW1 9LQ


Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network Meeting
Tue, 24 March 10am-4pm, Room 5.132, Franklin Wilkins Building, King's College London SE1 9NH


Deafness and mental health workshop 
Fri 27 March, 10am - 4pm, Old Diorama Arts Centre , 201 Drummond Street , London , NW1 3FE


Family Voices and Choices, by Open Dialogue Champions
Saturday 28th March, 10.30-4pm, Central London


Deaf Awakenings
Thu 30 Apr - Sat 2 May, Camden People's Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY


NSUN Open Letter on Peer Support Worker Apprenticeships


Experiences of taking neuroleptic medication and impacts on symptoms, sense of self and


Using Open Questions to Understand 650 People’s Experiences With Antipsychotic Drugs


‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ and the Expulsion of Peter Gøtzsche


The Zyprexa Papers, Kindle version


Anger after new business charges £100 to record benefit assessments


Errol Graham: Man starved to death after DWP wrongly stopped his benefits


Put PIP and WCA Assessments On The Record

Put PIP on the Record Fundrise



Dutch court outlaws use of benefits ‘robots’ of type being built by DWP


Mushrooms: The art, design and future of fungi ExhibitionJan – 26 Apr 2020 Somerset House, London


Gov/Coporate surveillance: scary reality

- How Big Companies Spy on Your Emails
-The government just admitted it will use smart home devices for spying

Restorative Compensation Scheme for Windrush Scandal

F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies
FEEL meets the third Monday of each month 6.30 - 8.30 pm LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London  E1 1ES

In need of immediate support?  

Anyone willing to come off psychiatric medication please always seek for reliable help.
Some good resources can be found here: