Wednesday 9 March 2022

In Loving Memory of David Kessel (1947-2022)

We are very saddened in announcing the passing of our dear brother, friend and comrade David Kessel this week. 

After a week stay at Royal London Hospital for heart and kidneys check ups, sadly David passed away on the 8th March 2022 in his flat in Stepney.

The very inspiration in F.E.E.L. being born, he will forever stay in our hearts.

The funeral is taking place on Thursday 31 March at 4pm at Manor Park Crematorium Sebert Rd, London E7 0NP 
(next to Manor Park Station)
Please allow plenty of time to travel and arrive 10 mins early if possible.

David's family is kindly inviting everyone that knew him to gather for the service and for a reception right after at 4:30pm at the Golden Fleece Pub, 166 Capel Rd, next door to the Crematorium. It would be useful to have a rough idea of numbers, if you could kindly confirm attendance with a brief reply by Wed 30 March, please.

Please think about friends of David that are not currently using the internet and inform them of the service if you can.

Sincerest condolences to David's family and friends all over London and beyond.
Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow.

Find David's Bio and some memories here:

Monday 21 December 2020

Season's Greetings from the East End Loonies

Please note that 
CURRENTLY there are NO gatherings
or updates until further notice
(Gone on Sabbatical)

Thank you!

Dear Friends,

Only a few days now before the end of 2020, a very challenging, if not horrible, year for us all.
Sending our thoughts, remembering those that have passed away, those that have lost their dear ones, the people that have lost their jobs, homes or that are experiencing any physical, emotional or financial hardship. 

We are very saddened to announce the sudden loss of our dear friend David Amery.

Britain was the first in the World to start vaccinating against covid, from 6th December. Briefly later a new strain of the virus emerged and numbers of contagions spiked (!). 
We are told that since yesterday (20 Dec) we are in tier 4; as consequence foreign borders are shutting their gates to British arrivals now... and we are just days before Brexit enters in action. 

Further chaos and political haziness is what transpires in the fear-filled media announcements that people are flooded with, causing stress and exhaustion. But little we hear about the annihilation of common flu and colds; about the benefits of a generally more paced lifestyle and the increased attention to what individually people really needs to keep well naturally and easily. 

Truly wishing to everyone to find the strength necessary to get through these challenging, yet transformative times. This too shall pass.

May the New Year be filled with all that you might wish for and abound of good health, wealth, happiness and love for everyone.
May faith, hope and fortitude always be with us.

Love from the East End Loonies


Recruitment to Liberation
Liberation is a new, grassroots organisation led by people with experience of mental distress/trauma (people often given a mental health diagnosis). We are calling for fairness and justice in law and policy and in society and its structures, so Liberation's aim is to champion the full human rights set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). For more info see leaflet attached/get in touch with Dorothy Gould:
Phone: 07565 399 422
Post: PO Box 49677, London N8 8WQ



What you need to know about the new Covid vaccine

Have you decided what you'll do or say if offered a covid vaccine?


Surviving the “Bipolar” Label



ECT statistics - Back to Chelmsford: the verdict


Society, not Covid-19, makes us vulnerable


Are we really all ready for this first COVID-19 jab?, by Lucy Wilis



Facts about Covid-19, by Swiss Policy Research 

UK: Mortality 2020 vs. 2000

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” (Albert Camus, 1947)


Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain’s Pandemic Spending


Assange hearing outcome could set an "alarming precedent" for free speech

Julian Assange In His Own Words - Book (Pre-order)


How Britain Stole $45 Trillion from India with Trains | Empires of Dirt


Don't leave young people out on the streets - Petition




NO! to Qantas + Jetstar mandatory vaccinations 


Save The Whitechapel Bell Foundry 

Aldgate - Love Your London


F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies
Find us on the third Monday of each month 6.30 - 8.30 pm at
LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London  E1 1ES U.K.

In need of immediate HELP? 

Looking for advice? 

Thinking of coming off meds?
Why coming off is being suggested:

Anyone willing to come off psychiatric medication please always seek for reliable info and help before starting.
We are not suggesting pill-shaming, only raising awareness on the serious dangers of medications since some of us have been severely harmed by them.

Saturday 19 December 2020

In Memory of David Amery

David Amery
 31 Jan 1955 - 11 Dec 2020

David @ Winter Shuffle, 
St Clements Hospital, December 2013

We are very saddened in having to share the unexpected news of the passing of our friend David Amery. He died in December from bile duct cancer, which didn't show symptoms until very recently.

An East End poet and a very fond friend and supporter of many FEEL's members, David was well known among others, by many Survivors and in several Poetry circles.

Employed for many years as the service manager at Housing Link, in Tower Hamlets, David and his team offered help to people with mental health problems, in and outpatients that had difficulties to cope with rent arrears and those dealing with the threat of eviction.
The service originally was located in the port-cabin, on the grounds of the old St Clements Hospital in Bow, and it was very familiar to those that worked or experienced a stay in those grounds.

It is thanks to David that the collection for David Kessel 'Ravaged Wonderful Earth' was suggested and came to life in 2013. The book was launched at the warming party of the Shuffle Festival in July 2013, in the Wentworth Stanley Hall, the old site of the social club where in and out patients had a safe gathering space. 

The book and the event will forever stay in our memory as an occasion to celebrate Survivors culture and creativity, while sending a farewell to the derelict St Clements Hospital, before it was transformed from asylum into new homes.

'Ravaged Wonderful Earth' book launch, July 2013

A glimpse of the book (now out of print) is available online 
More about the book can be read on the Asylum Magazine (pag 16)

David was one of the finalist (possibly the winner?) of the New Performance Poet of the Year Award 1994, at Battersea Arts Centre


Eastbeat @ Kingsley Hall, Bow, January 2014

Among some of David's books there are:

- the anthology 'Outsider Poets', published in 1999 with David Kessel and John Zammit); 

- 'Ten Planes', published in 2010;

- '​Urban Shamanism: A London Poetopographical ​A​nthology​', by ​​Niall McDevitt, Aidan Andrew Dun, John Crow, David Amery

- In January 2018 David launched his latest book of poems 'As Real as Any – A Year of day trips', published by outsider poets, described as 'a poetopographical cycle, of biographical tides and geographical traces'.


David performance at the Outsiders Poetry 
Shuffle Festival, Aug 2014

The late John Robert Clarke (aka Jazzman) described David's performance at the 2015 Shuffle Festival, as:
'Mr. David Amery - 
the incomparable artist, edgy erotic sci-fi storyteller supreme.

David and David Kessel were friends and collaborators for a long time.
David K remembers: 
"David's life was that of an English Methodist intellectual.
Primitive Methodism is English Socialism of which Trade
unionism is politico-economics.
David was a magnificent friend for all those reasons,
and he will be greatly missed."


Eastbeat @ Kingsley Hall Bow, September 2014

Some of David poems can​ also​ be read here:​ 

​David's review of 'b/w' by Neil ​McDevitt:​ 

We take this chance to send our deepest condolences to his partner Nicola, that shared the message below with us, and all of David's friends and family.

David’s funeral will be at 12pm on 30 December 2020.

This is the livestream link:
Please pass the link on to friends, fellow poets and colleagues who may want to watch the funeral. The link will continue to be accessible after the funeral.

Also due to current circumstances, flowers are not passed on after the funeral. We are therefore asking that no flowers be sent.

If you would like, donations in David’s name will be welcomed at St Joseph’s Hospice who cared for him so well in his last two weeks; Mind, the mental health charity and, Crisis the homeless charity. All three have strong East London links.

We plan to organise a memorial event for David at some point in 2021 where we hope to see you all.

With warmest wishes,

Thank you for your Creativity & Inspiration David
Farewell, you gentle Friend๐Ÿ™

The unmistakable colours of David's creations



Saturday 14 November 2020

Thirteen Years!

๐ŸŽ‰!!! Happy 13th Anniversary to all East End Loonies!!! ๐ŸŽ‰

It was November 2007 when a few of us embarked this spontaneous journey, on an Autumnal evening. Little did we know that 13 years later, a bit slower in action and functionality, we are still around and still true to the core of what brought us together in the first place. 

Massive thanks and love to co-founders Myra & David and the many of you that have joined, walked along us, over thick and thin,​ ​only passed by, often offering support even at a distance, over these years.

If we were to stop further action now (time is due!), I would be very pleased and proud of our accomplishments and work carried ​over the years.
After all these years of talking about psychiatry/antipsychiatry sometimes feels like ​talking about war, when we certainly want and need Peace. 

The fire in the belly is still burning, as some wounds are still bleeding, but it's ​surely ​safe, wise and healthy to turn the page and move on when the time comes.​ ​

W​e are ​blessed, grateful and grateful for all the inspir​ing work accomplished by our ​predecessors​, the Loonies that suffered and fought before us​, thankful to the​ present, local and​ international fellow activists, and​ send our blessings to those that are just starting​, or soon will be​, keeping the light of hope on, for those caught in the tunnel of darkness. Aho!​

As Alan Watts said, ​"​keep your cool, you mystic and crazy people​"
Been diagnosed with some weird label/s and feeling lost?

​A very sad news we have to share is the recent loss of our dear colleague Pete Coward. We would like to take this occasion​ to express our sincere condolences to ​Pete's ​loved ones

From 5 Nov to 2 Dec a new lockdown was announced in the UK and some other countries (mostly the G7- G20 types). 
Meanwhile even Boris, among many doctors and scientists, publicly admitted that Covid tests only work on 7%, producing up to 93% false positives. No wonder that the numbers of positives have gone up. Meanwhile common flu seems to have disappeared​ this season​, same as many ​civic liberties, ​news and information that challenge the mainstream virus narrative​; big media platforms are censur​ing content more than ever; why is that? 
So many conspiracy theorists are trying to unmask the information terrorist.

We'll continue to operate, in a covid-secure manner, gathering for our monthly FEEL meeting, as we fit the "support bubble" criteria of exemptions.  

The meeting is taking place next Monday the 16th November at LARC from 6:30pm. Please join us if keen to do so. If feeling unwell/experiencing flu symptoms or are virus-phobic please stay at home.

In the meantime online events and engagement abounds, ​for those shielding and limiting social interactions.

Wishing everyone good health and happiness​ always, and Happy Diwali, might the light always stay bright within you.
Ad meliora et ad maiora semper!


*Survivors Poetry Lounge Together! Thursday, 26 November 7pm 
Survivors’ Poetry hosts a special edition of their ‘Lockdown Lounge’, including guest poets and musicians from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club and Music Club.


Transforming Healthcare Together Virtual Conference 17-18 Nov, 9:30am - 5pm

NSUN Members' Event and AGM 2020, by National Survivor User Network,  24-25 Nov 2020, 10:30 am - 4pm

Covid and Psychosis : Living in the long run
Tuesday 24th November 20:00-22:00 CET


How Little We Really Know About Psychiatric Drugs, By Joanna Moncrieff

I'm With Her - A Drop the Disorder Film


Peter Levine’s Self Holding Exercises for Sufferers of PTSD (part 1 + 2)


Washington D.C. Decriminalizes Psychedelic Plants and Fungi


BBC’s disabled-led ‘benefit cheat’ drama causes anger and disbelief


Eugenics: Science greatest scandal


No Purveyor of Unhealthy Products Wants the Public to Know the Truth
How Smoking in 1959 Is Like Eating in 2019


Protest Royal College of Psychiatrists endorsing prison segregation units



The Great Barrington Declaration
"As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection." Read/Sign the declaration here:


Behavioural Modification Psychology ​Docs​ 

F.E.E.L. - Friends of East End Loonies
Find us on the third Monday of each month 6.30 - 8.30 pm at
LARC 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London  E1 1ES U.K.

In need of immediate HELP? 

Looking for advice? 

Thinking of coming off meds?
Why coming off is being suggested:

Anyone willing to come off psychiatric medication please always seek for reliable info and help before starting.
We are not suggesting pill-shaming, only raising awareness on the serious dangers of medications since some of us have been severely harmed by them.

Thursday 12 November 2020

In Memory of Pete Coward

Peter James Coward (18 May 1973 - 30 Sep 2020)

It is with deep sorrow that we share the sad news that our dear friend and colleague Pete Coward, passed away on 30 Sep 2020.

Pete was a very kind and caring man. In these past few years he had been proactively supporting our group and also chaired our very last public event at Kingsley Hall, last March 2019 (picture above). 

Among other things, Pete was the founder of the ‘Cool to Believe’ group at BowHaven, supporting people with feelings of paranoia and distressing beliefs.

Pete passed away far too soon as he battled with cancer and the severe treatments for it. He is sorely missed by many who have fond memories of him as it can be seen in the many beautiful messages shared in this memorial page created by Pete's dear ones to celebrate his life

Copies of the recording of the funeral are available upon request.

We'll be forever thankful for the help and support received by our group and for the kind friendship Pete offered us.

Rest in Peace Dear Pete x

Sunday 18 October 2020

October meeting Monday 19 September

 Dear Friends

Nearly 7 months ago the UK went into the first lockdown; a new one is being discussed right now. The government has introduced new measures, such as the ‘rule of six’, the pub and restaurant curfew, and local restrictions, however many needs of the population are being ignored.

We are back for our monthly meeting ​tomorrow, Monday 19 September at LARC, 6:30-8:30pm​, as we consider this space of vital benefit for many of us. Please join us if keen to do so. If feeling unwell/experiencing flu symptoms or are virus-phobic please stay at home.

With the ever changing governmental instructions regarding CV19, we trust that people can remind themselves to stay tuned to common sense, are able to remain resilient, yet not passive, in the wake of the new threat of civil liberties.

Lockdowns, curfews and all restrictions are not justified, seeing the low level mortality risk the virus ​has demonstrated this far.

Even 1000s of health experts are calling to avoid further lockdowns

Please remain critical and remember that rules - especially the ones randomly thrown at us re-covid - are made to be broken.
These rules are obviously benefiting some elite in the dark, while damaging us, common people, those in need of care, in need of work, in need of connection. Many people have been brought up to submit and obey, not to discuss things openly and rationally, even when on their own interest. 
Do you actually know anyone that had/has the corona virus this far? How many have died of the virus, not of other complications?

What could fully 'justify'(!) these restrictions is a rather easier way to lead society towards the Great Reset. 
'Build back better', seem to be the mantra used by many politicians around the world, tuned into this pre-planned strategy of alarm.
Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution​
Your Guide to The Great Reset​ ​

Many people die each day, due to a variety of health conditions, yet we've never heard or considered a covid-like standstill/lockdown to be implemented towards reducing the daily 50K deaths due to cardiovascular diseases, 26K deaths due to cancer, etc

Not fair to live in fear, when life is meant to be blissful. As someone said: fear does not stop death, it stops life, and worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace. If only people tuned into their own self healing capacities, rather than stay glued to rubbish TV and intoxicating media... this is my fave suggestion: Throw OUT your TV!
Could the marriage of science and spirituality answer the deepest mysteries of our past, while solving the problems that threaten our future?

​T​he ​recent ​UK Government ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’ ​a​d​ campaign stirred lots of criticism. It suggests ​that ​vocational ​careers in creative and performing ​arts​ are less valuable/useful than cyber work. The #SaveTheArts campaign is still storming in response to it. Here a collection of responses circulating online

Another fail during this covid alert has been the lack of​ BSL​ (British Sign Language) interpreter​s​ during official Covid briefings​, which left and still leaves, deaf ‘isolated and misinformed’
#WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign saw a group of Deaf/BSL users walk from Gloucester to London to raise awareness and to educate the UK government into taking action towards BSL users needs. Letters were collected for the Prime Minister, urging him to take action.

On another topic, some positive news are coming from the expanding hemp/CBD fields. Many people are benefiting from CBD oil as a way of care for a multitude of health complaints (mine personally is chronic pain) and the list is endless, adversely to the use of smoking marijuana (as it often triggers psychosis in vulnerable individuals, due to the THC content).
Medical Cannabis Superior to Opioids for Chronic Pain

These are still early days for one of the oldest medicines known to humankind. Yet, exactly for its extraordinary properties and profitable interests, hemp/cannabis regulation has been under unfair treatment for far too long because major weight is put on keeping it illegal.
Experts in the field and demand for its free use are growing, luckily.

Drugscience has been building a registry of users of medical cannabis for the past 12 months, in order to build scientific evidence

Another great news is the Last Prisoner Project, which sets sights on freeing 40,000 cannabis offenders. (These should be replaced by some of the criminals that cover governmental roles!)
'The War on Drugs has led to the mass incarceration of millions of non-violent drug offenders in America over the last five decades, the majority of which are people of color. As a new era of cannabis legalization begins to sweep the nation, many within the emerging industry are wondering what they can do to help the over 40,000 people who are still in custody today for cannabis possession.'

Psychedelics are also becoming a widespread form of MH care for mild to severe issues. Considering the use of these drugs for their therapeutic effects in microdosing, there is some bright future, giving the freedom to patients to choose their preferred course of treatment.
Surely better than being forcibly medicated (and used as guinea pigs!). Education and awareness are always the basis and keys of course.
Psychedelic treatment for depression is on sale for the first time

Some recent events:​

​-London Freedom Protest 26 Sept 2020 Sandi Adams

-Freedom for Humanity - Cornwall ​10- OCt - ​2020​

​-​Anti-COVID measures protest in London​ ​took place on Sat 17 Oct


​Forthcoming events & other news

Black History Month, 1-31 October 2020

“Triple Oppression”, award-winning, BSL film, by Vilma Jackson


Social Security for All of Us - Agreeing a Way Forward! 20 October​ ​​2:30 - 4 pm


'The Survivors of Suicide Training', by​ ​RECOVERY Assistance Dogs​ (Oct-Nov 2020)​


Screening of Tattoo (2020) by The Outsiders Project​, ​21st October at 7 pm


Advocacy Awareness Week 2020​,​​ 26-30 Oct​


#StopNewNormal​ Rally​ - London
Saturday 24 October, 12pm​


Good Grief Festival: A Virtual Festival of Love & Loss
30 Oct - Nov 2020


Mad Covid: a shared space for survivor / service-user-led projects and initiatives that started during the COVID19 pandemic.


Thousands of coronavirus deaths recorded by ONS not due to Covid, new figures show


REPORT by Friendship Group: ECT + SI + Seclusion + restraints + meds error data




Do not pass the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Criminal Conduct Bill


Block the SpyCops Bill


Museum of Homelessness
Streetmuseum on Highbury Corner between 12noon and 2pm, every Thursday


Podcast: The History Of Asylum Magazine by Helen Spandler


A Tale Of These Contemptible Suicides, by Richard D France 


Mutual Benefits:The potential of Disabled people as foster carers - film and report


The First Studies of Antidepressant Withdrawal

From “PHILADELPHIA-SIGMA subversion and insurrection” center to Kingsley Hall


Critical Mental Health Nurses' Network


Time To Remove Big Pharma From Government


Short Videos needed for Disability Pride Event - WANTED


New series coming soon to every media platform.
"We Expose The Lies, We Reveal The Truth"
*Investigating Medical Tyranny *The Corona X-Files
*Destroying The New Normal
Whistleblow your stories IN CONFIDENCE to


The Light, a new monthly publication available to download in PDF form:


The Truth About Vaccines, October 13-23, 2020

The Anxiety Summit, November 2-8, 2020

The Parasympathetic Summit,  November 9-15, 2020

"None of us have the promise of tomorrow, God forbid this is my last day on this beautiful earth, it won’t be spent listening to some news person telling me how rotten we are, how rotten life is, heck no, I’m going out and seeing how beautiful life is. As humans, our time on this planet is very limited... Turn off, tune out and turn on your life. Peace" ~ Frank Zappa