Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How would you like St Clements to look like in the future?

Dear Friends,

Please read below Kate Mactiernan's message and take action offering your comment on what you wish to be of the front building at St Clements Hospital, once the grounds will be refurbished.
We wish for it to preserve and embrace the past of St Clements and bring hope to local people.
Most importantly I believe n.2 Bow Rd should remain a place where people can find clemency and comfort, a place full of diversity and where anyone is welcome. Unquiet minds to always find the tranquillity and peace and wellbeing.

Nick Waller suggested to have a Light House for people in mental unsettledness that might benefit of a warm place rather than an institutionalised hospital.

How about FEEL meetings to take place there - LARC can be very cold in the WInter :(
Take your chance and contribute with your views. Thank you!

Hi guys

We Miss you all down at St Clements!

Shuffle is over but we have proved we can make something great at St Clements. Please join us in making this possible by putting your thoughts for community use down online at the planning application here:;jsessionid=E0BC3389B8B2BFD0D85654717A55B797?action=CreateApplicationComment&applicationType=PLANNING&appNumber=PA/13/01532
Please extend this to any local activists and friends you know who came to the festival. The second image I have attached shows what it could be like if we had the whole building and the kinds of things we could run + many more ideas that people have...........??

The first image is what the planning application has at the moment and includes Private flats that will stop any community activity in the evening or of music etc. because of sound. It will be a half-botched disaster and the developers can choose the tenants for the commercial space and potentially the cafe - making the likelihood of the Real Estate agents and Starbucks all the more possible........

You can stop this!


Kate Mactiernan

Thursday, 12 September 2013

End of Summer review

Dear Friends,

It has been a real privilege taking part to the Summer events at St Clements Hospital.
We wish to thank all of those that helped and supported us during our contributions of the Open Mics and all the good wishes from people sadly house bounded. The enthusiasm and participation generated by these events was real heartwarming.

We were specifically requested to collect a film of Graham J Jones performing his new song "Shine on You" written and dedicated to St Clements. While we wait to see proper documentation courteously collected by 'Mile End Films' part of the Queen Mary University, enjoy these amatorial clips:

We've got a little collection of snaps, which might be appreciated by those that were unable to take part to the event. 
Find here the photo album.
The future of St Clements is still decide, so please read the mail from Kate Mactiernan that follows.

For now the momentum is going to carry on with a newly monthly Open mic, curated by Jazzman John at the Kingsley Hall.
Check it out here

Now, after hitting the record of three events within three month there is the need of a break and to slow down a bit.
However we've had some suggestions for our monthly meetings to have an introduction to passage meditation ( and a writing poetry workshop. Anyone interested, please join us at our next meeting next week, Monday the 16th at LARC, 
62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES (6.30-8.30).
I will also be running an ear acupuncture clinic from 5pm, just before the meeting, next Monday the 16th, also at LARC.
Ear acupuncture is a technique used in addictions treatments, but effective for most of conditions to bring body and mind in alignment. Seeds can be used instead, in afraid of needles, so why not give it a go if you have never experienced before? This is a free drop in session, a little contribution to cover costs is welcome, but not necessary.
Looking forward to see you.