Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shine On You - Graham J Jones

Shine On You was performed by Graham J. Jones for the first time at the Outsieder Poetry event at St Clements Hospital, Bow, on Sunday the 18th of August, in occasion of the closing day of the Shuffle Festival.

Youtube video

Shine On You 

We have all gathered here togetherTo share this space and time,You have your reasons,I have mine.Take these precious momentskeep them close to your heart.May these memories last for ever,although we’re far apart.

Let it shine etc.

We all walk upon different paths,Sometimes we stumble, sometimes fallMay the heart of human kindnessBe there to hear you call.Life is full of experiences,Some are right, some are wrong,As you walk through light and shadowMay our fellowship guide you on.

Let it shine etc.

The old place looks so different nowMany things have changed,Our emotions are confusingWe all feel a little strange.As strangers we came together,Now we stand as one.With in the shadows of St Clementscast below the sun.

Let it shine etc.

Dedicated to the Patients, Survivors and Friends of St Clements Hospital, Bow London E3


Graham J Jones- August 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

Open Mic 18th August and Forthcoming events

Dear Friends,

This is one last reminder about the Outsider Open Mic taking place at St Clements hospital on Sunday the 18th of August, 3-7pm.
There is so much enthusiasm for the event that Graham J Jones wrote a will perform a new song for the occasion, dedicating it to the patients, survivors and anyone linked to St Clements Hospital: "Shine On You".

Loonies or not, everyone is very much welcome to join in for the celebration: we are reclaiming the importance of preserving the site for the benefit of the nearby communities.
Sunday will also be the closing day of the Shuffle Festival and last chance to freely access the site.

Monday the 19th we will be back at LARC 62, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, for the FEEL monthly meeting, 6.30-8.30pm.
Come along for a recount of these past two event we have been given the chance to organise. Bring a drink for a toast!

Please, check details of these events organised by the Stuart Low TrustThank you Maggie Houlihan for sharing: 

-On  23rd August there is a talk by Professor Geoff  Shepherd about Changing the Mental Health workforce, the contribution of people with lived experience 
-On 20th September Joanna Moncrieff  from the Critical Psychiatry Network, speaking about Demystifying Psychiatric Drugs  

Download the Stuart Low Trust's August/September 2013 events programme here
Friday Evening Events are held every Friday of the year from 6.30 - 9.00pm at St Mary's Community Centre, Upper Street, Islington N1 2TX - click here for more details.

DPAC Reclaiming our Futures Action

Disabled People Against Cuts

Join this year’s week of action to protest against austerity, fight for our rights and celebrate disabled people

Our rights are being stripped away day by day, by the neo-liberal policies being imposed on us all by the Condems, leaving us without much hope for our futures - or our children’s.

We have been here before. Our history is littered with examples of how our community has come together when under attack to fight - and win. From the early campaigns of NLBDP (National League of Blind and Disabled People) through to the founding and manifesto of UPIAS (Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation) and on to DAN (Direct Action Network)- Now we have DPAC leading direct action and a host of other key grass root campaigns working towards reclaiming our rights and futures.

We have fought our corner over 3 centuries. And those fights have brought victories; the Independent Living Movement, our early CILs (Centres for Independent Living) and early active DPO's (Disabled Peoples Organisations) and the significant rights for disabled people (which are now under attack).  They represent big victories, brought about by mobilizing in our communities around our common cause - and having the will and determination to see our demands met without compromising our rights. We have consistently united in anger and celebration.

DPAC Reclaiming our Futures Action

This Autumn, we are asking our community to come together in anger, and celebration again - and to unite around our demands.

We will be launching the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto setting out our vision of how the resources, structures and institutions of our society today can be re-designed to empower disabled people to take part in life on our terms. Disabled people are, and always will be, the experts on our lives and our self-determination. It will be a vision and practical plan that we can take forward in our communities, workplaces and lives to reclaim our futures.

In the build up to the manifesto launch, DPAC is leading The ‘Reclaiming Our Futures’, seven days of action to protest against the targeting of disabled people by austerity measures, to fight for our rights for inclusion and independence as equal citizens and to celebrate the value, pride and self determination of disabled people.

From 29th August - 4th September DPAC and other campaigns will offer a range of activities you can get involved in. These events will bring together our anger at what is happening now, and celebrate our victories won, both in the past and to come.

The plan below is only half the story. We want YOU, your Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation, your campaign group, your community, your friends to put on events and get involved too. Can’t get to our exhibition? - then put on your own. Can’t get to our direct action? - then do your own. Barbecues, debates, quiz nights, family days, picnics - whatever! ACT - in celebration or in anger! (PS don't forget to let us know what you're doing).

Day by Day: 29th August-4th September

Thursday 29th August - YOU launch our 7 days  of action

A range of resources will be available for your use as we ask all supporters to start our week of action with an online blitz. You will be the ones creating the buzz and the hype sending letters and twitter messages to targets of your choice ranging from MPs to disability charities to the media. We will be producing twibbons and memes but make and circulate your own. If you haven't got a Social Media account (such as Facebook & Twitter) set one up now, link to DPAC ( twitter: @Dis_PPL_Protest) and let’s create a cyber wave. #dpacrof

The launch will coincide with Transport for All’s Day of Action to make CrossRail accessible:

Friday 30th August - Local Protests

Last year during the ATOS Games over 30 local actions took place around the UK Local actions mean you get to choose the target of your choice. You could take the Reclaiming Our Futures manifesto to present at your local MP’s constituency office, spread it through social media, protest on the streets against segregated education, the proposed ILF closure or show solidarity at your local Remploy site (for those few factories in their last weeks of operation). Alternatively, you might want to lobby your local Council on the Bedroom Tax and cuts to local services/support. Oh, and as we know  ATOS offices are still around too….we’re sure you have other great ideas to add… Remember to let us know what you are doing so we can promote your actions. We will be producing local action resource packs but any materials you develop please send us copies to share with other protests and online.

Saturday 31st – Disability, Art & Protest Exhibition and Fundraising Gig

An exhibition and sharing of work exploring disability, art and protest followed by a ticketed fundraising gig run in partnership with Madpride and Tottenham Chances. Come during the day and join in our banner making workshop to prepare for the big Freedom Drive on the 4th September. If you would like to nominate an artist, collective and/or piece of work please let us know (including any links) and we will try to get them involved. If you want to do a local, street or online art protest too-this could be the day to do it.

Venue: Tottenham Chances, 399 High Road, London, N17 6QN
12 – 7pm Exhibition: disability, art and protest
1 – 3.30pm Banner and placard making workshop
4 – 6pm Sharing of Work
7.30pm til late Gig

Sunday 1st September – Reclaiming the Social Model: the social model in the 21st Century

Key speakers : Anne Rae: former UPIAS and current chair of the Greater
Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP), Colin Barnes: Professor of Disability Studies at Leeds Centre for Disability Studies

As government and the private sector increasingly use a so-called ‘modern understanding of disability’ to redefine who is and who isn’t disabled it is more important than ever that we understand, defend and promote the social model of disability. This isn’t helped when the social model is not fully supported within our movement. This event will be a chance to hear from a range of speakers and to discuss why the social model is still relevant today to our lives and our futures and to map out what we need to do to fight for it. The event will be live-streamed with the opportunity for people to participate in the discussion virtually. We will also be promoting a range of resources around the social model.

Venue (tbc): University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY
Time: 12.30 – 4.30pm

Monday 2nd September - Direct Action

Despite the huge efforts of thousands of disabled people throughout the country, it is increasingly difficult to find spaces where lies, inaccuracies and mis-use of statistics can be challenged. DPAC recently released a study into how the DWP uses all of these to vilify and demonise disabled people. But why is this down to us? People should be presented with both sides of the story and this isn't happening. Disabled people are having to find ways to make sure our truths will be heard. Watch this space...

Tuesday 3rd September - ‘I Dare’ day

A day of online action to reinforce that we want Rights not Charity and a society where we are able to operate on our own terms as disabled people. Dare to ask for Rights not Charity. Dare to be an activist. Dare to ask more of 'our' organisations. We aren't asking for Care, we want Power: Power to write the script for our own lives, and not to be written out or written off by others. A range of actions and captions will be available for you to capture in an image and circulate online.

Wednesday 4th September – FREEDOM DRIVE

A final-day march and events in and around Parliament. Four themed 'blocks' will meet at 4 Government departments, central to the lives of disabled people. After handing over our demands, blocks will then move towards Parliament for a lobby where we will formally launch the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto and present our demands to our elected representatives.

Choose your ‘block’ and meet at 12.45pm at one of:
•    Department for Education to oppose government attacks on inclusive education and a return to segregation (Sanctuary Buildings, 20 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BT)
•    Department of Energy and Climate Change if you’re angry about the numbers of disabled people living in fuel poverty while the energy companies rake in ever growing profits (3 Whitehall Pl, City of Westminster, SW1A 2AW)
•    Department for Transport to challenge inaccessible transport, the opening of new inaccessible stations for Crossrail and proposed cuts to rail staff further reducing customer assistance (Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Rd, London SW1P 4DR)
•    Department of Health to defend our NHS and demand our right to levels of social care support enabling choice, control, dignity and independence (Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS)

Lobby of Parliament: 5 – 6pm – launch of the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto

WE WANT EVERYBODY TO JOIN US ON THIS MARCH ideally in person, but also online-this is for everyone everywhere. There will be accessible transport from a variety of towns and cities throughout the country (details to follow) and there is some funding available for transport but we will need your co-operation and patience to make this work for everybody, so please bear with us and note that while DPAC members will be given priority we want to support as many people as we can. If you can’t get there send a photo or your name and you can march with us.

This week of action is yours. Please take part at whatever level suits you - BUT MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PART. Share our events, resources and actions as far and wide as you can.

Lets Reclaim Our Futures, together!

DPAC web site:

DPAC facebook: (Open Community group- including all updates from DPAC) (original open group DPAC page- faster paced and more opinion driven than community group )

DPAC Twitter: Dis_PPL_Protest

DPAC email:

Funded by:

The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust
Edge Fund
Network for Social Change

Supported by:

Trades Unions Congress, UKUncut, Occupy London, Fuel Poverty Action, Right to Work, Unite Disabled Workers’ Committee, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, European Network for Independent Living, Boycott Workfare, Just Fair, Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation

Our mailing address is:
Ciara Doyle
49 Midhurst Hill
Bexleyheath,  DA6 7NP

Friday, 9 August 2013

25th of July: Names & Praise to...

Wonderful Jazzman John Clarke provided us with the full list of people that entertained us for the open mic, last 25th of July. Many more thanks and blessings to all of them: 

Jazzman John Clarke (main compere and jazzy bits)Myra Garrett (talk about original Social Club @ St Clements & stocking & running refreshments table - Thank You Myra!), 'The Mudlarks' (Folk Group- Wendy Hughes, Alfie Tilbean, May Savres, Richard Shepherd), Saskia & Lily (two young sisters who sang song ' Down in the Dumps', Stephen Wish (Poetry), Madelaine Kenley (Poetry), Eamer O'Keefe (Poetry), Anna Loftus (Poem), Jennifer Wong (Poetry), David Kessel (Poetry), Frank Bangay (Performance Poetry + Harmonica), John Zammit (Poetry & Illustrator of Book 'Wonderful Ravaged Earth' for David Kessel & graphics on event posters), Mike Parson (Poetry), Lizanne Davies (Stand-Up Comedy), David Amery (Live Art & Poetry + Production of aforementioned book for David Kessel & manning the stall), Dave Skull (poetry and campaigner for Mad Pride and Mental Health Resistance Network), Bruno Wizard (Performance/Monologue), Shaun Merlin (Poem), Shakti Zapata & Emily Purshouse (Dance piece & violin), Music & Vocals trio: Sheila Stocking (djembe), Helen McDonald (vocals poems/songs writer) and Aloyse Raptopoulos on flute.
John Stiles presented excerpt from his 'work in progress' book & doubled up on hosting the Quiet Area by the Clock Tower, where performers were: The Tables (Band: Nick Waller, Gill Bell, Nina McNeil, Steve Morgan), Graham Jones (gtr & vocals), Stu Crane (gtr & vocals), Unique Technique (Poetry in Rap Style), Lizanne Davies (Stand-Up Comedy), Danny Greenaway (life-monologue).

Looking forward to see those above and more on the 18th!

Outsider Performers ENCORE - Sunday 18th August 2013 - St Clements Social Club 3-7 PM

Dear Friends,

You might like to know that the encrusted red gates of St Clements Hospital are now open and the grounds are free to explore for the next 10 days - 4 pm to 11 pm - during the Shuffle Festival 

The official opening took place last night with a warm and kind introduction by Danny Boyle, which is curating the film festival and lives locally, and Kate MacTiernan, director of the current St Clements Social Club.

Among films and arts the festival is hosting the "Day of the Mind"on Sunday the 11th of August, 11am to 11pm, can't get wrong with the numbers there!
This will be a free day dedicated to the wonders of the mind, with the support of the Wellcome Trust. Please check the free events, talks and workshops on (poster of Molly's walk also attached, pls check it out!)

In the meantime the planning of the Outsider Performers, to take place on Sunday 18th August, 3-7 PM, on the closing day of Shuffle festival, is progressing well: posters are circulating and so is good word of mouth. Please note that we have been offered the outer space by the Clock tower, don't forget your brolly/raincoat if afraid of possible wet weather, that won't stop us.
We are putting together a list of performers, but emailing us or turning up early on the day, might secure your act a slot. Maybe we might even be able to find a new corner for more voices to be heard... Help, suggestions and requests for the event are all welcome:  get involved in order for them to happen and have more fun!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pageant of Survivor

To those of you that are getting the chance to visit the site at St Clements Hospital, before the refurbishment starts, I would like to invite you to access the script of the Pageant of Survivor, beautifully written by Andrew Roberts and performed in 2010.

While there I recommend you to pause and step into any of the characters described in the story. Feel the pain, struggle and conquest Survivors have experienced over the time and consider how things have evolved and still are.

Looking forward to more Outsiders celebrations on the 18th of August.
Survivors History Group

Open Mic feedback

We would like to hear your feedback and any suggestions about the new event to happen on the 18th.

Here some of the feedback collected:

Jazzman John Clarke: "It was everybody's idea of a fantastic evening's entertainment in a unique space in East London last Thursday's Outsider Poetry Open Mic & Book Launch of:'Ravaged Wonderful Earth' - A Collection for David Kessel ,by some of David's long-standing friends. All co-ordinated & promoted by F.E.E.L."

Nick Waller: "What a memorable evening - in a good way! Thanks to David Kessel, Myra Garrett, Nathalie Fonnesu, David Amery, Jazzman John, Kate McTiernan et all.
Steve Morgan went the extra mile with his crisp home-made sound system. Gill Bell gifted us her remarkable voice; Nina McNeil, wonderful piano. Mike Columbine was a revelation, a white rapper with soul. Whatever next? Graham Jones and Stu Crane..."

Jennifer Wong: "It was a wonderful evening, the poets, musicians and dancers, thanks for organising! Also the two little girls who sang."

Lizanne Davies: "Thanks for allowing me to perform here last night. Post, spot or slot, I had a gr8 nite lol. Keep up the good work!"

Unique Technique: "just wanted to say thanks for letting me do my thing at this awesome event."

Graham Jones: GREAT NIGHT ! We should all have another soon. Please don't let the positive momentum fade. Thank you F.E.E.L, Outsider Poets and all other organisers   

John Stiles: "Thanks to the organizers to great night, especially to Natalie, Steve, Nick, all the cool poets and artists; not easy to organize an event that is for certain... Such a fun night, thanks for invite...Really liked the Mudlarks (medieval sailor songs) and Frank Bungay(harmonica pigeon toss) and David Kessel (passion and phrasing) sorry not to see more." (John hosted the second performing area by the Clock Tower.)

Roll of credits to:

David Kessel
Myra Garrett
Kate McTiernan
Lizzie Daish
Jazzman John Clarke
John Stiles
Frank Bangay
Dave Skull
Shakti Zapata
Emily Purshouse
The Mudlarks
-Wendy Hughes
-Alfie Tilbeam
-May Sayres
-Richard Shepherd
Graham Jones
Sheila Stocking
Helen McDonald
Aloyse Raptopoulos
Stephen Wish
Jennifer Wong
Lizanne Davies
Unique Technique
David Amery
The Tables
-Nick Waller
-Steve Morgan
-Gill Bell
-Nina McNeil
Chris Bell
Stu Crane
Mike Pearson
Nathalie Fonnesu
and many more...

Poetry Night Encore 18th August 3-7pm St Clements Social Club

Dear Friends,

Last week we have seen an amazing response to the Outsiders Open Mic, at the Wentworth-Stanley Hall, in the historical St Clements Hospital grounds.
We mostly enjoyed the mingling and socialising in such unusual location: entertainment by amusing artists, with the brilliant Jazzman John Clarke and John Stiles that compered two different performing areas. 

The success of the open mic was achieved by an highly participating audience and a variety of performances. There was music, poetry, comedy and a fine, improvised dance piece accompanied by a violinist. We appreciated the courage of some of the people that performed in front of an audience for the very first time; the bravery of two sweet young sisters (age 5-6?) that shared their poem, and the very valuable story Myra Garrett told us about the origins of the Social Club back in the 80s, when Myra started it with a group of colleagues. 

At the end of the evening we all felt like we had finished and enjoyed the whole cake, cherry included.
Instead we were unexpectedly offered seconds, the following day.
So here we are announcing a second Outsider event to take place on the closing day of the Shuffle Festival
( on Sunday the 18th of August, from 3pm to 7pm. See the new leaflet attached, updated for the new event.

We kindly thank Kate McTiernan and the ELCLT (East London Community Land Trust) for making this happen.
At stake there is the chance for part of St Clements grounds to remain an accessible space for the local community, avoiding ironing out the history and beauty of the site.

The collection for David Kessel, launched at the Open Mic is now on sale. 
"Ravaged Wonderful Earth" is a precious volume with a beautiful and colourful cover by John Zammit. Let us know if you wish to buy a copy £5/3 conc.

Please, share photos/films if collected any on the night. 

Our collection of photos: