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are proud to invite you to the first ever  

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Sat 9th September 2017
10am to 10 pm

10:00am OPENING with Yoga/Qi Gong fusion session, followed by drumming circle

11:00am Drumming circle workshop with Drumunity wwww.drumunitycic.or.uk

  • MARKET SPACE with stalls by mental health groups and organisations (Main Hall)  
  • HEALING SPACE with a number of masseuse/healers offering taster sessions (by donation) Youth Hall, 1st floor; 

  • WORKSHOPS (check Info Desk on arrival for direction, timing; duration or workshops ranges between 30-60min): 
    -Wellbeing Workshop with the RECOVERY Assistance Dogs (12 noon);     
    - Singing session (all abilities) with Rona Topaz (12:30pm);
    - Poetry drop-in with poet Stephen Watts (1:00pm);
    - Thai Boxing Fighters Academy (taster class 1:00pm);
    - The Soul Relicts Museum zone (12:00-3:00pm);
    - The "Museum of the Normal" experience with Sarah Chaney,  Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions (12:00-3:00pm)
     -The Loonies Tree (for all to create on the day) led by Claudio Del Bianco (12:00-3:00pm

3:00-4:00pm: Respite - Tea Break
4:00-6:00pm:  Survivors Voices: Performances by mental health activists: with Dave Skull, Frank Bangay, Dolly Sen, David Kessel, Molly Carroll, Su Patterson, MC Nick Waller
6:00-6:30pm: Panel Discussion "Healing & Arts & Lunacy" with Dolly Sen, Colin Hambrook, Laura Cristin, Michelle Baharier, Nat Fonnesu
6:30-7:00pm: Respite - Tea Break
7:00-10:00pm: Second Part Performances & OPEN MIC: Laura Cristin, Daryl & Sam, Jazzman John Clarke, Raga Wood, Colin Hambrook, Stephen MICalef, Kym Kovary and more tbc, MC Razz Poet

10:00 pm CLOSING

This is a special event to mark the 10 years anniversary of our collective, taking the chance to celebrate and honouring people's creativity, individuality and lunacy.

An all-day free festival where visual & performing arts, documented mad history and mad culture, will come together under one roof, giving people the opportunity to celebrate & network. With the Loonies Fest we're producing an educational day for the 'normal' crowds, healing/cosy space for the 'lunatics' and especially entertaining times filled with creativity & inspiration for ALL.  


10 am to 10 pm
Saturday 9 September 2017 

 Kingsley Hall 
Powis Rd
 London E3 3HJ


Massive thanks to all people that have participated, contributed and helped at FEEL meetings and events over these past TEN years, particularly to Myra Garrett and David Kessel for founding the group in the first place and for being the great support and inspiring figures they still are today.

Among other things there will be the art group exhibition "Survivors Stories" specifically dedicated to celebrate the lives and works of those that have lived awful and scary hospital experiences, often left feeling hurt and ashamed by them.

From the souls of Bedlam residents and beyond, to those that received lobotomy, leucotomy, ECT, drugged up unconscious (often for days/weeks), those forced into straitjackets or bed restrains, all the abused and DisableD victims of coercing and traumatising psychiatric experiences, not mentioning worse stuff that might upset some people...perhaps some readers, nevermind the victims... (NOT implying that everyone experience these). This Fest is dedicated to US!!!

We wish to bring a comforting day and heal some of the deep wounds to all these hurting, wounded and the damned souls.

The event is open to everyone (not Loonies only!), to free the self from pain & suffering, even if for one day only, gather together to question nØrm@Lity, while having a cup of tea and enjoying some entertainment.
Our inner child is frequently left seeking for an outlet of expression, often drowned by early traumatic life experiences or simply the complication of adults lives.

"It is hard for a free fish to understand what is happening to a hooked one" 
- Karl A. Menninger
With the 10 years celebration of our FEEL collective, we'll also remember St Clements Hospital, the old asylum that brought us Loonies together in the first place, once buzzing a few blocks away, shut down a decade ago, turned now into luxury flats. 

A parallel will be drawn with San Clemente, the asylum in Venice, Italy, closed by critical psychiatrist Franco Basaglia in 1980.

We'll celebrate the amazing mind of Mary Barnes, that inspired RD Laing and his peers to hold the radical therapeutic community at Kingsley Hall between 1965-70: here Mary tuned into her creativity becoming an artist and transformed her life. A little archive will be available to be explored by the curious ones. 

Last but not least the word Loonies needs clarification, as some people still find it to be offensive. This is the way we have been calling ourselves for the past 10 years, not intending to insult ourselves or anyone else, embracing the fact of being vulnerable, mercurial beings, part of a complex Universe.

"Insanity - a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world" 
- R. D. Laing

On Saturday 9 September 12-3 PM stalls will be available for mental health groups and organisations. We like independent, not-for-profit types; get in touch if you wish to reserve a table, please.

And of course there will be Survivors poetry, music and activities to keep people engaged and entertained for an hour or two. Coming along? The event is FREE. Everyone is welcome to attend for as little or as long as wished for. 

Getting to Kingsley Hall (links lead to individual maps):
Stratford Station (Bus D8 Stop W) to Kingsley Hall 15-20 min journey

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