Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The Open Dialogue event the other week brought along a good number of like-minded participants to our quest of effective and humane mental health services. 

Dr Razzaque updated us about the OD pilot that was recently completed by the NELFT and three other trusts. It was a great shame to find out that our trust in East London apparently had not shown interest to get involved, when invited to take part to the pilot.

Nick Putman brought along with him a few trainees, fresh from the Open Dialogue UK training that week, and it was inspiring to hear that some of them are service users themselves. A very pleasant Adrian Laing, which came along to check out the event, was invited to join the team on stage for a much appreciated impromptu 
Myra has suggested for the Kingsley Hall to be used as a base for this type of training to develop and as Liam Kirk said, the Open Dialogue seems to be returning to its spiritual home.

Most of us have already heard and seen enough of the obsolete system which, funded on terror and damaging dependency to medication, has been patronising the services for far long with poor results.
We really wish to see this new movement take shape and for the ripple to bring real benefits to people asap.

Notes of most of the event are available to share; send us a message if you wish to have a copy. A photo album can be viewed here http://goo.gl/BKcyrM

FEEL was on a local paper recently as some of our poets and Friends will be contributing to the closing Cabaret event of The Expert View, a micro festival by Bobby Baker and the Daily Life Ltd team. Please do check all the events of the festival that will take place between Thu 7th and Fri 8th exploring ‘expertise’ in arts and mental health from the perspectives of all involved http://dailylifeltd.co.uk/the-expert-view-a-micro-festival-save-the-dates/ 

To follow, please find a few interesting and important dates for your diary and find attached Word file with details of the just published Poetry Express e-magazine No.48 from Survivors' Poetry.

The next FEEL monthly meeting is on Monday the 18th of May at LARC. Join us if you can.


Next week between the 11th and the 17th is mental health awareness week.
Also time to use the SMILEY TEARY BADGE. The "ONLY US" campaign can be now followed on Twitter
"There's "them" — and then there's "us". They are mentally ill and dangerous  We are well, happy and safe"
Is this really true? Or is the uncomfortable truth that there's a continuum, a scale along which we all slide back and forth during our lives, sometimes happy, occasionally depressed or very anxious;  mostly well balanced but with
 moody moments; usually in touch with reality, but at times  detached or even psychotic. When we separate ourselves and imagine humanity divided into  two different groups, we hurt those labelled as sick, ill, even mad. We  allow stigma, prejudice and exclusion to ruin potentially good and  creative lives. But we also hurt ourselves, because we stress ourselves  out with false smiles and the suppression of our own  vulnerabilities. Don't be afraid of your vulnerability, your sensitivity,  your mad side. Be bold, and, if you've ever had your own experience of  some kind of mental health issue, whether or not you were diagnosed....... get yourself the SMILEY TEARY BADGE

There is no them and us THERE'S ONLY US
- Order the badge at www.buttonbadges.co.uk — 20 badges for £10 (Just quote 'SMILEY TEARY BADGE' (you don't need to send them the image)
- Give the badges to your friends. Keep one for yourself. Think about the implications.
- Monday May 11th (the start of Mental Health Awareness Week) put on your badge. Wear it all week. Find other badge-wearers. And talk to each other. We all have something in common. They are ONLY US



Electroshock can be given against your will in the UK and Worldwide.
(Please, see leaflet and press release attached)
Date: Saturday May 16, 2015;  Time: 14:00 until 18:00
Place: Houses of Parliament (Old Palace Yard - behind Westminster Abbey) London SW1P 3JY

On May 16, 2015, from 2pm until 6pm, there will be a demonstration at the Houses of Parliament  (Old Palace Yard - behind Westminster Abbey) London SW1P 3JY against Electroshock  as a psychiatric ‘treatment’. The demonstration will be part of a coordinated international event involving over thirty cities in nine countries on the same day. This historic event has been organized by three shock survivors: Ted Chabasinski from California, Debra Schwartzkopff from Oregon, and Mary Maddock from Ireland. Protests will begin in Rotorua, New Zealand, early on May 16, and end many hours later at an evening forum to be held in New York City.


R.D. Laing 50: June 7th, Cafe Oto
In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Philadelphia Association’s residency at Kingsley Hall in Bow, London, R.D. LAING 50 will explore some of their radical approaches to anti-psychiatry through conversation, film, and music. 
The evening will bring together practitioners from Kingsley Hall, and artists who have researched and been inspired by its specific time/space. 
Joining us on the evening:
Luke Fowler - screening of 'What You See Is Where You're At' and Q&A
Dr Leon Redler - 'My Time At Kingsley Hall' talk and Q&A
Dr Joseph Berke - 'Mary and Joseph' talk and Q&A
The Bohman Brothers - Composition commissioned for the event
Blue On Blue - 'I LOVE them, for they are my friends' - Mary Barnes inspired project commissioned for the event
For full listing information and ticket link, please visit: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/rd-laing-50/


Asylum, Film screening and discussion, Friday 12 June 6.30pm

Venue: Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, London, E3 3HJ
Tube: Bromley By Bow, DLR Bow Church 
Buses: 25,8,108,S2
Time: Arrive 6.30pm  Screening begins 7pm, followed by a discussion about the film
Cost: By donation. 

“Insanity - a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.” – R.D. Laing

Celebrating 50 years since the start of the radical therapeutic community at Kingsley Hall.
Both influential and infamous, psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s critique of conventional psychiatric treatments gained significant visibility and attention in the 1960’s and 70’s. His passionate voice drew attention to the dehumanising psychiatric treatment of vulnerable patients and generated an intellectual and cultural polemic reaching far beyond the psychiatric community. His experimental and alternative therapeutic communities - where the distinction between patient and therapist was dropped - were the source of both criticism and inspiration. Filmed by Peter Robinson, Asylum documents their experiences at the Archway Community in North London.

Rebecca Greenslade E: rebeccagreenslade@hotmail.co.uk
Nat Fonnesu E: f.e.e.l.campaign@gmail.com

Organised in collaboration with Friend of East End Loonies and R.D. Laing in the 21st Century Reading Group and the Kingsley Hall. Supported by Claremont Project.


The Italian Riviera Project has invited us to share their information about the educational and recreational respite breaks they provide on a self-help basis for disabled persons and their carers, supported by Community Action Southwark. For info email italianrivieraproject@yahoo.com or check http://goo.gl/wWXmCK


Inspirational Links To Save The Male of The Species - Raising Awareness 
(By kind email from a Friend)

My dad has just been in and out of hospital due to Septicaemia bought about by my dad not eating due to grief for the death of our mum; basically possible attempted suicide by neglect.  In trying to support my dad and my brother who has ‘Power of Attorney’ to make decisions I found all these useful links.  Please pass them on.

I thought some of these links may either be of use to you or your relatives (bereavement and counselling) or for any of your friends, children, members, students or colleagues.  I was so shocked that suicide is the single biggest killer for most age ranges of men. Inspired by the programme I want to share it with as many people to promote and support all men’s wellbeing as I would women’s wellbeing.

Interestingly CALM – ‘The Campaign Against Miserable Living’ was created by men from the north east.  No man need to go through stuff alone.  This was what I sent my brother; who knows it may help him too.
Here are some possibly helpful links In answer to dad’s view ‘it’s all hippy shit’.  Backed up by science – opening up saves male lives.  Enjoy -

Here is a link to a very interesting documentary on male suicide by Panorama.

This is CALM – THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY – looking at and promoting good male mental health by men for men.  This campaign was promoted in the programme.

Open to Hope – Expressing grief:-

The Counselling Directory – Berevement:-

Cruse Bereavement Care:-

 NHS Dealing with Bereavement:-

 Maytree suicide support:-