Wednesday, 15 December 2010

December Newsletter.

Dear Friends,
We are meeting up for our December meeting next Monday the 20th as usual at The LARC Centre, 62 Fielgate Street, Whitechapel E1, 6.30-8.30.
This is the last meeting for this year, but we are already making plans for the New Year.
We are arranging an event to take place in early March, when hopefully the weather will be gentler and people less lethargic.
What we'd like to do is an open conference/mike to which anyone can rise up issues that need our, as society that cares for mental health, attention.
Of course musician, poets and volunteers of any sort are welcomed as always.

In the main time a Self Defence Coalition of Mental Health Disability Claimants has been created in South London, to provide advice and support in sights of the changes which will take place from April next year for people on Disability Benefit to turn into Employment Support Allowance. Get in touch if you need more details or you wish to get involved and I'll pass the contact details.

This is another link that has been circulating these past days: at a glance guides to Benefit Changes 2010 can be found at

I wish to thank those that came along to our meeting last month and celebrated FEEL 3rd Anniversary. It has been a little & cosy thing. A photo of us was taken by Sergio. Thank you Charly for bringing your camera.

Wishing you a warm and pleasant holiday season!!!

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