Monday, 17 January 2011

Whose Recovery is it anyway?

Please find details of an interesting event taking place on Monday, 21st February 2011, in Nottingham.

This event is an opportunity to discuss what has become of ‘recovery’and what is happening to the concept of peer support. Some people who use mental health services now understand recovery as a bad thing and peer support workers are being asked to be involved in forcibly drugging people. Was this what we expected?

Both ideas originate from survivors of psychiatric services. Do we need to reclaim them, rename them or try and exercise some control over how they are used?

The day will focus on generating discussion around these issues and there will be lots of opportunity to contribute.

If you are interested in giving a short presentation on these issues or helping out on the day please let me know.

Please note this event is for people with experience of mental distress.

It is the wrong place to come to if you simply want to find out more about recovery or peer support.

The event is free and food and refreshments will be provided. We will fund travel costs for those in receipt of benefits. To book a place please fill in a booking form.

To apply
Contact: Torsten Shaw


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