Monday, 11 April 2011

Hearing Sends You Crazy!

So the latest news is that hearing loss could lead to dementia in some people.

Or as they put it an early warning that dementia is likely in later life. This from the John Hopkins School of Medicine in New York.

They are scientists dealing in facts. Although this apparently comes from a Department of Neurology, they have forgotten something very important: the effect of emotions on the brain.
FRUSTRATION is a major issue in people with a hearing loss. Presumably the scientists are saying that you can go crazy.

After a lifetime of guessing what people say and frustration when you cannot figure it out, that's no surprise! Why frustration? One example is the guy who repeats the same sentence ten times. Intelligence should make him realise at the third repetition that the person is not going to understand. Please say it another way. Use other words that are easier to lip-read. Repeating ad-infinitum will make us laugh.

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Frustration-free? Yes. Teach yourself and teach those with ordinary hearing how to make your hearing easy.

Debbie Jeffrey

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