Saturday, 18 April 2015

Last minute events updates

Dear Friends,

While we are getting ready for next week with our monthly meeting on Monday the 20th and the Open Dialogue on Friday the 24th, please find a few other forthcoming events we fondly wish to recommend.
We apologise if we cannot attend them all, including the CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle walk which is happening this morning (to reach organisers at any time call/text 07985 658443) and the clashing event of the RD LAING reading group on Friday!

Sending our best wishes and support to all dedicated groups and individuals that contribute in making positive changes in the mental health field aiming at an ideal safer and healthier world for us all. 

In Solidarity.

I Have a Dream Walk with CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle - Sat 18th April 11.45am – 4pm
Starting point: Tate Modern (outside The Turbine Hall entrance), Bankside, London SE1 9TG. Ends: Walworth 
The walk will include talks about the campaign to abolish the slave trade, civil rights, the state of the NHS, homelessness, and will end at the Aylesbury Estate with a talk about the current housing crisis.  CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle is a guided, stigma-busting cultural walk, designed to encourage mental and physical wellbeing, through art, exercise, humour and history.  The walk is suitable for all levels of walking and is accessible to wheelchair users and people with disabilities. Join us for as long or as little as you like.  The walk leaders wear orange high-viz vests and rucksacks. Call CoolTan Arts on 07985 658443 if you cannot find the walking group on the day.

YOUR SAY YOUR DAY Parity Esteem - Thursday 23rd April 15, 1.30pm - 5.30pmTalks & Workshops: Martin Bould representing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)  exploring the mental and physical elements to ‘Parity Of Esteem’ & Antonio Moccia   representing The Love Project exploring the spiritual element of ‘Parity Of Esteem‘.   Get involved in the workshops, for the chance to make suggestions of ways   to improve the way services impact our esteem | Networking | Information
VENUE: Main Hall  Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Rd, London E1 5AW ON: Thursday 23rd April, 1.30pm - 5.30pm (including hot lunch)
For more information phone: 0207 377 9353 or  email:


R.D. LAING IN THE 21ST CENTURY Reading Group - Fri 24th April 2015 6.30pm
25 years on from his death, the R.D. Laing Reading Group intends to bring fresh attention and understanding to the ideas of this influential psychiatrist. In the spirit of community and care, through lively, engaging peer discussion, we hope to bring connectivity and challenge to our understanding and experience of what it means to provide or receive support within a mental health context in the 21st century.
24th April 2015  Knots (1970) is a series of poems or dialogues poignantly describing how we bind ourselves within relationships.
Venue: Claremont Project, 24-27 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PD
Time: 6.30pm Cost: By donation. Wine and soft drinks provided.
Contact: Rebecca Greenslade E: T: 07903 775 646

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities Speak - Friday 1st May 2015 9.30am -4pm ITV studios, London.A few days before the 2015 UK General Election, Navigate Organisation Ltd (a micro business committed to well being for all and truth telling about disadvantage, racism and the need for meaningful effective change) is creating the platform for an innovative dialogue about mental health in and for BAME communities.  This includes identifying how we can help guide the NHS in deploying mental health budgets to responding to BAME service user needs. Our day time event, with breaks and lunch, recognizes that this is a systemic issue closely linked with concerns about racism and the micro-aggressions that impact service providers, communities and those in distress. Register HERE


 RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health
RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health help individuals regain independence and wellbeing. The trained dogs are having great success in helping people to recover from Mental Health problems. RECOVERY Dogs give emotional assistance and help people to recover their wellbeing. They are registered support dogs and have an intensive training that helps to protect their owner from: * Anxiety * Loneliness * Panic Attacks ​ The RECOVERY dogs help with: * Social Inclusion * Exercise * Protection
We are raising funds for a Camper Van to train RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health and to campaign for Freedom from force and fear. Please support this cause donating in aid of this wonderful initiative

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