Thursday, 17 September 2015

Community event

East London in crisis
resisting austerity, building community 

Community event 
26 September 2015 from 2.30pm till late 
Venue St Matthias Community Centre 
113 Poplar High St, London E14 0AE 
Nearest station Poplar DLR 

Meet local campaigners 
Find out what’s happening to our communities 
Share how we’re fighting back 
Everyone welcome 

Workshops with east London campaigners: 
NHS • benefits • mental health services • education • housing • trade union rights • the environment 

Bring food to share 

Cabaret benefit Raising funds for coaches to the Anti-Austerity demo in Manchester on 4 Oct 2015. 

This event has been launched by Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public, with backing from Tower Hamlets People’s Assembly and Tower Hamlets Unison.

The old East End had a tradition of fighting for its rights. 
That hasn’t changed. 

Across east London, campaigners are fighting to save our services, our rights and our communities. 

We say austerity’s a con. Being forced to pay for the global banking crisis through massive cuts to jobs and services is not just criminally unjust, it’s economically unworkable. 
We think the real political agenda of austerity is even worse – it’s the creeping privatisation of services like the NHS, the theft of our land, the 50,000 families forced out of London in the past three years, the failure to tackle climate change, and the mounting attacks on trade union rights, claimants, people with disabilities and people with mental health problems. 

In east London, we won’t sit back and let this happen. 

The aim of our event is to bring people together to share their local knowledge and campaigning experience with each other. Everyone is welcome. 

This event was called by Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public, with backing from Tower Hamlets People’s Assembly and Tower Hamlets Unison. The event is supported by a large number of groups across east London. They include: health campaigners; trades unionists; pro-housing and anti-developer campaigners; claimants groups; mental health groups; environmental campaigners; local community groups. 

Come with us to Manchester: Tower Hamlets Unison and Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public are taking coaches to the People’s Assembly Anti-Austerity demonstration in Manchester on Sunday 4 October 2015. To reserve a seat (£25 or £10 unwaged), email

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