Saturday, 17 December 2016

R.I.P. Robert Dellar

From the Mental Health Resistance Network
Devastating news. Robert Dellar, an integral member of MHRN has died today. We are in deep shock. Robert was one of the founders of Mad Pride in the UK, has been both a worker in mental health and an on and off survivor. His knowledge was extensive, his integrity impeccable, his politics were based on compassion and justice. How will we survive without this great man? We are at a loss this evening. Robert organised a protest late in 2010 which was held in Hyde Park and from this some of us were inspired to set up MHRN. Recently he has been very active in MHRN and was one of the people who took part in some iconic banner drops. He was a stabling force in MHRN, unrestricted by convention, but always rational and reasonable. He was also a talented writer, a great friend to us and to everyone who lived with mental health issues and those who lived on the margins of society. Whether you knew him or not, he was a friend. We loved him very much.

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