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October Newsletter - FEEL meeting Mon 16 Oct @ LARC

Dear Friends,

Next week is the usual date for World Mental Health Day: 10 October as each year gets overly loaded with events and programmes to raise awareness on mental health. You should be able to find events happening locally to you with ease. It is a shame that these mostly ignore the damages caused by the most popular way to deal with peoples problems: medications and their severe and problematic side effects.

​Following the recent event in Las Vegas there have been plenty of ​articles of professionals 
​circulating in regards to the DANGERS of medications (since patients complains are 

​SHAMEFULLY often ignored).

I invite you to read this

While deaths within hospitals are often labelled as 'cardiac arrest' 
(that's obvious, isn't it?)​ ​so that the real effect and cause of death can be sweep under the rugs​,​ I am profoundly saddened ​that one more victim has just happened again recently and locally. ​

​In the main time APRIL - Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
web site is back on line
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and withdrawal effects changing mood and behaviour need to be studied and understood, the website says. I would add that alternative
​s and
 more gentle and OBVIOUS ways to deal with peoples distress should be more readily available.
​ Not forgetting the CRAZY world we are living in wher
is impossible not to be affected and disturbed by.

​​Next Monday 16th October at our FEEL monthly meeting we'll have a special guest: Paula Peters (DPAC & MHRN) will kindly visit to share some very delicate information. Paula says: "The UK was the first state to be formally investigated under the UNCRPD. The first state to be found guilty of grave and systematic human rights violations towards disabled people. UNCRPD found that the impact of the cuts on disabled people are causing a human catastrophe. Just a heads up for anyone who end up losing their home because of DWP sanctions that remove their JSA and ESAPlease ensure that you or anyone you know who is sanctioned understands that there is help. If your money is stopped you can go to the council and fill in a Nil Income form. That will reinstate rent and council tax and give access to further help like meter credits, foodbank vouchers and emergency cash payments. This info is not readily available sadly and it should be. The authorities will only deal with it if you ask specifically which is a disgrace. So if your benefits have been sanctioned then remember help is still available."

Tomorrow RD Laing would have celebrated his 90th birthday. 
Coincidentally there will be an event at Kingsley Hall, not related, see below.
SCN talk – Managing the Threshold £5 (free for SCN members and friends). Tickets available on the door.Saturday 7th October 7.00- 9.00 pm Kingsley Hall, Powis Rd London, E3 3HJ
Between everyday reality and that encountered in Spiritual Crisis (sometimes labelled Psychosis)Evening discussion and social with Daniel Hadjiandeou and Isabel Clarke


COUNTER | CULTURE – CURATED BY DEE SADA £10/£8 (adv.), £6 members
Sunday 8 Oct, 7.30pm Cafe OTO 18–22 Ashwin street Dalston London E8 3DL
- Screening of 'Estate' dir. by Andrea Luka Zimmerman (2015) 85 mins and Q&A with Andrea Zimmerman.
- Shy Radicals: The Anti-Systemic Politics of the Introvert Militant (2017) Hamja Ahsan book talk
- Screening of 'Lift' dir. by Marc Isaacs (2001) 24 mins
- LIVE: ORAL ORAL (Dee Sada-drums/bass/electronics, Mario Siebert-guitar, Max Allen-vox, Princess Julia-vox).


Diaspora Dialogue’ Exhibition 
Wed 18th to Tue 24th October 2017 from 10:30am to 5:00pm
Winns Gallery, Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, London E17 5JW 
The exhibition will provide an opportunity for emerging artist of African Caribbean descent to show their work alongside work of more established artist, creating a platform for those who lack the opportunity, knowledge or confidence to give their work exposure.


London Anarchist Bookfair 2017
Saturday 28th October from 10am to 7pm. Park View School West, Green Road, London, N15 3QR​
If you look at the Meetings page you can see all the meetings on the day, so you can start planning early what you want to go to. The Film room is slightly different this year in that it will be both films and live entertainment in room P5. The Other Events page has events going on once the Bookfair is finished for your evening entertainment. These are not organised by the bookfair collective but they are raising money to support the day’s activities. If you have any access requirements, please check out the Access page. Free child care is provided from 10am to 6pm for kids from 2 to 12. 


6th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality  £40 – £140
Sat 11 + Sun 12 November 2017 from 09:00am to 18:00pm
Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, Baker Street London NW1 6XT​
A two-day event organised by the International Spiritist Medical Association (AME International) and the British Union of Spiritist Societies (BUSS) which occurs every two years.
The speakers will discuss the paradigm of integrative medicine and the goal to bridge medicine and spirituality, focusing on treatments that champion the body-mind-spirit concept.

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