Wednesday, 9 March 2011

March Newsletter.

Dear Friends,

Our Workshop Day at the Kingsley Hall is fast approaching.
Just a quick reminder of all the details:

WHEN: Saturday, 12th March 2011, 2-6 pm

WHERE: Kingsley Hall Community
Corner of Powis and Bruce Roads,
London E3 3HJ, United Kingdom

The closest underground station to Kingsley Hall is Bromely-By-Bow.
Bow Church and Bow Road (DLR) stations are also at close distance.
Route Buses 25, 205, 8, D8, 108 also stop at a short walking
distance. Please, check your best route at

This is the planned programme:

1.45: Doors Open: music & refreshments

2.15 Introduction:
Mental Health Resistance Network
"Benefit cuts survival guide"

2.45 Workshops – facilitators introduction

-"Mad Pride: the early years" Robert Dellar

-Homelessness – David Amery

- Alternative Therapies – Sarah Barratt

-"Then Life Took Control: From Sickness to Wellbeing"- Sam Shakes

- THACMHO – Philip Morgan

4.00 Break – music, food, socialising

4.30 Open Mike Session

5.45 Next Steps and Finish

FEEL monthly meetings dates for the next few months are:
(it's always the 3rd Monday of the month- easy to remember!!!)
We meet
@ The LARC Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES 6.30-8.30pm.

March, Monday 21st
April, Monday 18th
May, Monday 16th
June, Monday 20th
July, Monday 17th

Wishing you all the best for the rest of the week and looking forward to
seeing you at the Kingsley Hall on Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. Following last month event at the Kingsley Hall, a few feedback were sent out and I have collected them in this mail for you to read them.

    Thank you once again for those that joined us and for the good wishes sent by who couldn't make it.

    Thank you to the main speakers:

    -Dave Skull (MHSN, Mental Health Survivors Network, MadPride, Creative Routes) for the advice shared on the benefit reassessment procedure (please find attached Dave's own notes);

    -David Amery (Housing Link) for more on the benefits awareness. The Housing Link was recently put under threat of closure due to cuts, but luckily the sercice is still up and running for the sake of those service users in distress

    -Robert Dellar (MadPride) for the background accounting on the initial anarchist iberating mental health movement

    -Daniel Johnson (THACHMO-Tower Hamlet African Carribbean Mental Health Orgaization) for talking about Stigma & Normalisation in mental health

    - Jon Cousins (Moodscope, travelled at a very short notice request all way from Peterborough to share his findings
    with his self-monitoring mood system. Having been a Moodscoper myself for about a year now, I have found how beneficial is to stop and think about which actual, different up and downs are going on with us day by day.
    I suggest you try it out. Having a buddy is not compulsory.