Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Joining Hands in Health

"JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH launched its online petition The Nation Speaks - "NO! Not In My Name" in May 2010. Our aim is to stop the EU Food Supplements Directive from becoming law in the UK in April 2011… in the hope of protecting the nation from a lifetime of perpetual ill-health; safeguard consumer choice, human & animal rights, cultural heritage and the environment. Plus secure a safer, healthier life for generations to come."

What people might not realise is that if the ban goes ahead the right of choice for people will be not just diminished, but denied alltogether. What do you think the reason for this is? It is clear that the natural herbs used for THOUSANDS of years are big competitors to the BIG PHARMA business. The last thing a GLOBALISED world wants is keep the masses aware of the real source of many illnesses, drugs themselves, and taking away the freedom of choice to people to find alternative solutions to addictive and uneffective drugs!
Read and sign the petition now and circulate it, please.

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