Friday, 21 June 2013

Special Survivors Celebration @ St Clements Hospital Social Club - Thursday 25th July 2013, 6.00 pm

Dear Friends,

We can now announce the finalised details for the Outsider Poetry Open Mic event, jointly hosted by the Outsider Poets and ourselves, Friends of East End Loonies (F.E.E.L.). The doors of the Wentworth Stanley Hall will open to the public at 6.00 pm on Thursday the 25th of July 2013. The amazing Jazzman John Clark will be our compere for the night. Please see the attached leaflet. It'd be much appreciated if you could circulate it widely.
Poets, musicians and performers are invited to take up to the stage of the old Social Club, at the St Clements Hospital, in Bow.

We are also calling for anyone that might be willing to share personal memories of times spent at the social club as in or out-patients, or while visiting dear ones kept in the asylum.

The event aims to celebrate and honour Survivors work in finding their own recovering and copying strategies in maintain good mental health, putting emphasis on  the important role creativity covers in this process.

On the evening there will also be the launch of a collection of thoughts and poems dedicated to David Kessel and the influencing person he has been in the local mental health communities: “Ravaged wonderful earth: A collection for David Kessel”.

After its closure eight years ago, many had wished for St Clements Hospital to came back to life in the shape of a saner and modern place for dealing with mental illnesses. Instead the land will undergo a redevelopment were affordable housing will be built. With this, a big chunk of local history is likely to be wiped out.
The Outsider Poetry Open Mic will precede a large programme of events and activities organised by the East London Land Trust (see the SHUFFLE 's programme).
Positive response to the array of events in plan over the Summer is fundamental in order to keep an open gate to the history of St Clements and maintain a strong pillar for the local communities. 

David Kessel expressed concerns in hosting an event dedicated to mental health and allowing alcohol to be sold at the same time.
We are not encouraging you to drink; if you do please drink sensibly.

Please get in touch if you wish to perform. We will be meeting on Monday the 15th of July at our monthly meeting at LARC, 62Fieldgate St, Whitechapel and discuss details and planning of the event.

Wishing you all the best and a fruitful Summer!

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  1. Hi Friends of East End Loonies,

    Following the meeting with David at the Monday meeting of the Mental Health
    Resistance Movement where David informed that - Trevor Turner is a
    well-known East End psychiatrist. Trevor Turner presently has a column in
    the Saturday editions of the FT, in their FT Weekend Magazine (It’s near
    the back of the mag)

    I am a little confused as to Trevor Turner’s employment status. David said
    Trevor Turner is retired, however the FT have him presently working in the
    East End. Which is it?

    It is of course possible, that Trevor Turner is retired from the NHS and
    sees private patients. Until recently the retirement age for NHS consultant
    psychiatrists was fifty, I believe the present government increased the
    retirement age to sixty. If I am under a delusion please disabuse me.


    Liam Kirk