Friday, 21 June 2013

St Clement's Social Club

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, on the 12th July 2012, signed ‘Mayoral Decision MD1028’, which formally announced that the currently derelict site of St Clements Hospital in Bow, east London, will become the UK’s first ever urban Community Land Trust – a type of community owned housing development.

The event marked the culmination of an 8 year campaign by local residents, who will now work with renowned national housebuilder Galliford Try (‘Linden Homes’) to help restore the historic landmark, and use it to pioneer the capital’s first ever “permanently affordable” homes.

In the interim period until development starts in 2014, St Clements Social Club presents "Shuffle" a local film festival curated by Danny Boyle. We hope you will join us.
It's a beautiful summers day. You walk through the iconic red gates of St Clement's and buy your cinema ticket from the booth to the film being shown at the Sweet Pea Theatre later that day. The smell of the wood-fired pizza oven leads you down the track which opens up to a view of the grand clock tower. You grab a locally brewed beer and sit down in the grasses littered with wild flowers carefully planted by the local park keepers. The site is alive with music and dancing and the chatter of happy voices. You spend the afternoon weaving through a hubub of activites until the sun goes down and you make your way towards the theatre. You settle down to watch your film, a feature carefully selected by local resident Danny Boyle.

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