Thursday, 1 August 2013

Poetry Night Encore 18th August 3-7pm St Clements Social Club

Dear Friends,

Last week we have seen an amazing response to the Outsiders Open Mic, at the Wentworth-Stanley Hall, in the historical St Clements Hospital grounds.
We mostly enjoyed the mingling and socialising in such unusual location: entertainment by amusing artists, with the brilliant Jazzman John Clarke and John Stiles that compered two different performing areas. 

The success of the open mic was achieved by an highly participating audience and a variety of performances. There was music, poetry, comedy and a fine, improvised dance piece accompanied by a violinist. We appreciated the courage of some of the people that performed in front of an audience for the very first time; the bravery of two sweet young sisters (age 5-6?) that shared their poem, and the very valuable story Myra Garrett told us about the origins of the Social Club back in the 80s, when Myra started it with a group of colleagues. 

At the end of the evening we all felt like we had finished and enjoyed the whole cake, cherry included.
Instead we were unexpectedly offered seconds, the following day.
So here we are announcing a second Outsider event to take place on the closing day of the Shuffle Festival
( on Sunday the 18th of August, from 3pm to 7pm. See the new leaflet attached, updated for the new event.

We kindly thank Kate McTiernan and the ELCLT (East London Community Land Trust) for making this happen.
At stake there is the chance for part of St Clements grounds to remain an accessible space for the local community, avoiding ironing out the history and beauty of the site.

The collection for David Kessel, launched at the Open Mic is now on sale. 
"Ravaged Wonderful Earth" is a precious volume with a beautiful and colourful cover by John Zammit. Let us know if you wish to buy a copy £5/3 conc.

Please, share photos/films if collected any on the night. 

Our collection of photos:

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