Thursday, 1 August 2013

Open Mic feedback

We would like to hear your feedback and any suggestions about the new event to happen on the 18th.

Here some of the feedback collected:

Jazzman John Clarke: "It was everybody's idea of a fantastic evening's entertainment in a unique space in East London last Thursday's Outsider Poetry Open Mic & Book Launch of:'Ravaged Wonderful Earth' - A Collection for David Kessel ,by some of David's long-standing friends. All co-ordinated & promoted by F.E.E.L."

Nick Waller: "What a memorable evening - in a good way! Thanks to David Kessel, Myra Garrett, Nathalie Fonnesu, David Amery, Jazzman John, Kate McTiernan et all.
Steve Morgan went the extra mile with his crisp home-made sound system. Gill Bell gifted us her remarkable voice; Nina McNeil, wonderful piano. Mike Columbine was a revelation, a white rapper with soul. Whatever next? Graham Jones and Stu Crane..."

Jennifer Wong: "It was a wonderful evening, the poets, musicians and dancers, thanks for organising! Also the two little girls who sang."

Lizanne Davies: "Thanks for allowing me to perform here last night. Post, spot or slot, I had a gr8 nite lol. Keep up the good work!"

Unique Technique: "just wanted to say thanks for letting me do my thing at this awesome event."

Graham Jones: GREAT NIGHT ! We should all have another soon. Please don't let the positive momentum fade. Thank you F.E.E.L, Outsider Poets and all other organisers   

John Stiles: "Thanks to the organizers to great night, especially to Natalie, Steve, Nick, all the cool poets and artists; not easy to organize an event that is for certain... Such a fun night, thanks for invite...Really liked the Mudlarks (medieval sailor songs) and Frank Bungay(harmonica pigeon toss) and David Kessel (passion and phrasing) sorry not to see more." (John hosted the second performing area by the Clock Tower.)

Roll of credits to:

David Kessel
Myra Garrett
Kate McTiernan
Lizzie Daish
Jazzman John Clarke
John Stiles
Frank Bangay
Dave Skull
Shakti Zapata
Emily Purshouse
The Mudlarks
-Wendy Hughes
-Alfie Tilbeam
-May Sayres
-Richard Shepherd
Graham Jones
Sheila Stocking
Helen McDonald
Aloyse Raptopoulos
Stephen Wish
Jennifer Wong
Lizanne Davies
Unique Technique
David Amery
The Tables
-Nick Waller
-Steve Morgan
-Gill Bell
-Nina McNeil
Chris Bell
Stu Crane
Mike Pearson
Nathalie Fonnesu
and many more...

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