Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shine On You - Graham J Jones

Shine On You was performed by Graham J. Jones for the first time at the Outsieder Poetry event at St Clements Hospital, Bow, on Sunday the 18th of August, in occasion of the closing day of the Shuffle Festival.

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Shine On You 

We have all gathered here togetherTo share this space and time,You have your reasons,I have mine.Take these precious momentskeep them close to your heart.May these memories last for ever,although we’re far apart.

Let it shine etc.

We all walk upon different paths,Sometimes we stumble, sometimes fallMay the heart of human kindnessBe there to hear you call.Life is full of experiences,Some are right, some are wrong,As you walk through light and shadowMay our fellowship guide you on.

Let it shine etc.

The old place looks so different nowMany things have changed,Our emotions are confusingWe all feel a little strange.As strangers we came together,Now we stand as one.With in the shadows of St Clementscast below the sun.

Let it shine etc.

Dedicated to the Patients, Survivors and Friends of St Clements Hospital, Bow London E3


Graham J Jones- August 2013

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